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Auto Insurance Information and News » No-fault auto insurance debate rekindled in Michigan

No-fault auto insurance debate rekindled in Michigan

No-fault auto insurance debate rekindled in Michigan
News from Livingston Daily:

Gov. Rick Snyder’s call last week for reforming Michigan’s no-fault law has rekindled debate about how much Michiganders should pay to protect their lives and those of other drivers on the road.

Snyder said in his State of the State address last week that Michigan is the 10th-most-expensive state for auto insurance once no-fault coverage costs and costs of auto claims are taken into account.

Medical costs through personal-injury-protection charges and rising Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association fees are routinely cited as the greatest contributors to high auto insurance rates.

The no-fault system offers medical coverage, regardless of who is at fault in an accident, as well as unlimited catastrophic injury coverage paid through the MCCA fee.

State Sen. Joe Hune, R-Hamburg Township, said personal injury protection and catastrophic coverage are central to high auto rates in Michigan.

He supported a House bill last year that, if passed, would have given customers a choice of auto medical coverage ranging from $ 500,000 up to $ 5 million.

Hune’s stance on catastrophic coverage, in particular, has been met with protest by many who rely on lifetime coverage due to extensive auto-related injuries, as well as many in the medical community.

“My prayers were answered. It’s been a long time coming,” Hune said after Snyder’s addre…………… continues on Livingston Daily

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