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Auto Insurance Information and News » Should health insurance be like car insurance?

Should health insurance be like car insurance?

Should health insurance be like car insurance?
News from MarketWatch:

By Jen Wieczner

Car insurance companies reward good behavior: Drivers with records free of 15-car pileups and tickets for doing 90 in a 55 pay cheaper premiums. Health insurers, on the other hand, offer people little incentive to stay out of harm’s (and doctor’s) way. But a growing number of health advocates say this is a mistake, and that the system would function better if bodies were treated more like Buicks.

With policymakers still ironing out the details of the nation’s health-reform plan, hospitals, corporations and consumers are all trying to figure out ways to save on medical costs. While employers and health insurers have tried to steer plan members to lower-cost care and healthier behaviors in order to save the companies money, employees often pay the same amount in premiums and copays no matter what. Since employees generally don’t see any financial benefit from choosing the cheaper option — for instance, urgent-care clinics over emergency rooms — experts say it’s no surprise consumers are unwilling to do their employers any favors.


Some Fortune 500 companies and other employers — from JetBlue to IBM to equipment manufacturer Caterpillar — have begun to experiment with new health-care models th…………… continues on MarketWatch

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